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Sinner, Sinner, Chicken Dinner

In Uncategorized on August 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm

As I sit at my computer I wonder, how many Biblical rules have I broken today? I ask Google but can’t get a straight answer. How is this not a website yet, or at the very least an app? Type in your daily activity and get a handy printout of your hourly abominations.

The reason this question came to the forefront of my mind is because as I peruse Facebook this morning, all I see are pictures of people standing in long-wrap-around-the-building-down-the-street type lines at Chick-Fil-A’s everywhere. They are all there to show their support for Dan Cathy, the chain’s president, who a few weeks ago made a bold statement in support of traditional marriage. This is something, which Mr. Cathy believes so strongly in, he donates a good chunk of the company’s profits towards protecting it, which of course infuriated many same-sex marriage advocates. A boycott was organized. And then a sort of chicken-frenzy day was hatched to counter said boycott among Chick-Fil-A and traditional marriage supporters. Today, August 1st, is that day. In these Facebook pictures are many of my friends, my fellow Christians. We are usually so likeminded, but today our convictions differ I’m afraid.

I believe homosexuality is a sin. Not because I want to. Lord knows, I don’t want to. I have some of the most amazing gay friends and I ache that they are being denied the rights so many of my fellow believers constantly trample on and take for granted. I do not think it’s fair, but I do know what the Bible says about it. And as someone who has chosen the scriptures as a basis for how I live, I must give those scriptures the same merit I give all the others. However, I also know the Bible’s more than just the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Which brings me back to my original question. How many sins have I committed in the last 24-hours?

Rather than standing in line for chicken today I’ve decided to reflect on what it is that my fellow brethren might boycott, if given the chance, about me. Take the stake, or chicken friend steak as the case may be, out of my own eye.

My first confession, I like wine, like, a lot. I have four kids and let me tell you, some nights a bottle is not enough. In other words, Noah and I would have been great pals. Yet, Ephesians 5:18 clearly states, “do not get drunk with wine, which leads to debauchery.” Usually, it just leads to me watching numerous romantic comedies in a row and staying up way too late. Is that debauchery? I don’t know, but it certainly makes it a whole heck of a lot harder to pop out of bed before the sun rises like that Proverbs 31 wife everyone keeps going on and on about. Darn you, Meg Ryan! I should have known that adorable little pixie cut was the work of Satan’s minions! No wonder my stylist can never get it right. But I digress…

Another daily sin stake I see in my own eye is my temper. I usually pride myself on my patience… oh crap, pride’s one too, isn’t it? (Proverbs 8:13)… anyway, like I said above, with four kids, my normal laidback mellow mama mood is hard to hold onto sometimes. (Lying- Colossians 3:9) Fine, all the time. I snap. Like when the baby’s screaming in the backseat, the toddlers throwing cheerios into the front seat, and I just realized there’s a handful of melted M&M’s in my seat. Yeah, I lose my temper in some pretty biblical, tablet crushing, wall striking, Abel killing type proportions. So the whole thing James spouted about being “slow to become angry” usually only works until about 2pm for me. After that, all hell breaks loose around here.

Not to mention, around two is when I try to force at least a couple of my kids down for naps while the others quietly read. (Um, whoops, another lie – Ephesians 4:25) OK fine… they watch TV. Happy now? But by the afternoon, I just need some sort of adult time, even if it’s only over the phone with my best friend. We like to catch up, talk about what’s going on in the lives of those around us (Gossiping -1 Timothy 5:13), complain about our husbands (Bringing shame to our spouses- Proverbs 12:4), and rave about how great we’re doing on our diets (Dang it! Lying AGAIN?! Seriously?!? Revelations 21:8). Who knew I had such a problem with that one?

Anyway, back to Facebook I go (Laziness – Romans 12:11), and I begin to wonder, since many of my sins didn’t make Moses’ top ten either, does that mean they probably carry about the same weight as the verses on homosexuality? I may be wrong; I’m no Biblical scholar. However, I wonder if perhaps God allowed this whole controversy to happen so that we might be a bit more empathetic. We’ve all sinned and continue to on the daily. Mine are no better than anyone else’s (All sins are equal – Matthew 7:1-5), sometimes they’re just easier to keep hidden in the closet…. or bottle, or car, in my case.

I’ve only been reflecting a few minutes and already this soul searching has shown me what a cesspool I’m running on my own over here. I’m honestly surprised I can even see anyone else’s sin given all these stakes. At which point I think to myself, thank goodness no press releases will be sent out about me, because I’m pretty sure I’d have more boycotters than supporters today.

  1. Agreed. Where I think the real support of Chick-fil-A came from was more from the fact that major politicians in major cities spouted off about keeping CFA out of their city because of the CEO’s spoken values. His original statement didn’t even come close to drawing this much support from republicans or Christians. The idea that there are those in government who are so anti-Christian that they would even verbalize the idea of limiting private business because of differing opinion is a far-cry from what the media-frenzy reports which is that CFA and it’s leadership are bigoted. Additionally, Cathy never said he hates gays (that I heard). He never said he won’t serve them. He never said he won’t employ them. He just said he supports the traditional version of marriage. Just like the NAACP, for example, supports the “advancement of colored people” as opposed to being anti-white (or whatever) and we allow, even applaud, that. Being for something and being anti-something are two very different things both in action and perception. So it is good that Christians spoke up today with their actions, not against gays, but for a business who is in support of biblical principles including traditional family.

  2. I believe that the frenzy at Chick-Fil-A today on August 1st was in support of the company’s president’s public statement in support of the Bible. I want to be able to follow Biblical principles without public shame. I was thrilled to see so many others in support of this. Sometimes it’s hard to know if anyone supports this side so it was great to see such an effort made. I did not look at it as a slam on those that side with same sex marriage but instead a public showing of support for the right to believe in what you want without being banned from certain cities.

  3. I came across your article this morning on a friends Facebook, as I too perused – catching up on everyone’s dramatical updates. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this & what an incredible writer you are. I shared it with my husband who laughed right along with me. It was like you were speaking for so many of us moms. I can appreciate every sin you shared & it makes me feel better knowing im not alone Thank you so much for sharing this.

  4. You’re freakin’ hilarious.

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