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Finding Persecution in Paper Cups

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2015 at 6:35 pm


What happens when righteous indignation is the closest we can get to feeling righteous? It’s simple… we’ll start looking for it everywhere.

When there’s nothing about our existence that screams, “I’m a follower of Christ,” we end up having to do the all screaming ourselves.

Because here’s the thing, as believers we’ve been told that the world should hate us just as it hated Christ. And well, if it doesn’t, then we’re doing Christianity wrong.

However, these days few Christians live offensively. I mean, don’t get me wrong, many of us are plenty offensive, but in all the wrong ways. Most of us live for our own comfort… for our own success.. for our best life now.

We donate to charities when we can, but blame the government for taking too much out of our checks (which we claim is why we’re unable to donate as much as we’d like).

And while I’ll give the rest of you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to that, I’ll be honest… if suddenly every paycheck had an extra $250 in it, would I take that straight over to a food pantry?

Probably not.

I have four kids, and two bald tires, and my inspection’s been out for an embarrassingly long amount of time, and hey, I also run a group that’s trying to change the culture, so there’s enough reason to justify that $250 staying with me, right? Isn’t there?

…we’re so quick to point out the generational welfare dependency of others that few of us want to acknowledge our own dependency on the government to do the job Christ called us to do.

We take care of the orphans… kinda. I mean, isn’t that what my tax money is going toward? And we feed the homeless… sorta. Where do you think they get those food stamps from after all? And we help the widows whose husbands were killed by drug cartels and now need a safe home for themselves and their children… oh wait, no. We don’t even pretend to care about those people. We tell ourselves they’re all just rapists and criminals who weren’t #blessed enough to win the geographic lottery that we did. Obviously, something’s wrong with their walk… otherwise God would be #blessing them too.

And because of that, we suck. And deep down we know we suck. But we don’t know how to change because for generations now Christians have been comfortable and so instead of living like Christ and being persecuted by the world because what we’re doing is so Earth shatteringly effective that the enemy wants to stop us…. we do nothing except listen to the lies of the talking heads from the comfort of our couch. “Oh, you are being persecuted though…. There is a war on Christians in America… the world hates you just like it hated Christ… see, the proof’s right here in this paper cup.”

And the righteous indignation sets in, and for just a moment we feel holy… holier-than-thou.