Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa

Muffins With Mom

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Eddie: “Mom…. mom…. mom…. wake up…”

Me: *burying my head under a pillow* “No…. leave me alone.”

Eddie: “Mom, we forgot to tell you… it’s ‘Muffins with Mom’ today… can you please get up and take us?”

Me: “What…. no… nooooo….. why didn’t anyone tell me about this last night? …I barely got any sleep… I’m not going… sorry…”


Eddie: “Mom, pleeeeeeeeease?”

Me: “No, absolutely not. Sorry, but I need fair warning for stuff like this so I have time to get ready… you can’t just wake me up ten minutes before a thing….”

6:49am… they send in the big guns…

Abrahm: “Des, I know they didn’t tell you, and I totally understand if you don’t wanna go, but Max is saying he’s just gonna go sit next to his locker and cry if you can’t come.”



My kryptonite.

Shrewd move, De La Rosa.

I get up. Throw on a bra. Look like hot garbage as I drag my half-asleep ass to the car.

Crap. I forgot to get a stupid mug. Eddie offers to run back in. Eiffel tells her to pick a good one.

I sit and grumble while waiting.

She comes back with… wait for it…

A Wonder Woman mug.

Inner monologue: “Seriously Ed? I *barely* agreed to come to ‘Muffins with Mom… ‘with MOM’… I’m kind of a crucial part of this event and even still I wasn’t feelin’ it to the point that your dad actually offered to throw on a wig and take y’all because he knew this would be unpleasant for everyone involved if I did agree to get up and go. I’m not the super hero in this fam, not even close. I’m basically in my pajamas, didn’t bother to run a comb through the purple bird’s nest on my head, and I *think* I brushed my teeth but I’m only like 85% sure because my eyes weren’t actually open as I fumbled around the bathroom 3 and a half minutes ago… so why Eddie? Why are you mocking me with this mug?!”

What I actually said…

“Seriously, Eddie?”

What she replied…

“Yep. Perfect for you.”

I’m glad my children understand that even the act of getting out of bed is a heroic feat for some.

…little punks.
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