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Glorifying mistresses, porn stars and morally bankrupt pop tarts.

In DMN Opinions on August 27, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Ever since my daughters were born I dreamt of the day they would split up a high profile marriage, take it to the trashiest news outlets and land a 3-page spread in Us Weekly. That’s every parents dream, right? Right?

Of course I am being facetious, but with the way society seems to glorify mistresses, porn stars and morally bankrupt pop tarts, unfortunately, I don’t think I’m that far off base. Since when did sleeping with someone’s famous husband equal a free ticket to stardom? Since when did society’s shame give way to celebrity spotlight?

My earliest memory of adultery parlaying into profitable infamy was Monica Lewinski. I was a young teen at the time, not even old enough to really understand how you could not have “sexual relations” with someone, but still have, well, “sexual relations” with them. My parents tried to guard me from those illusive Starr report details by flipping of the nightly news and forgoing the water cooler chitchat at the dinner table but I still caught on for the most part. I was inundated with information about the president’s impropriety at school, from the kids who were less sheltered, and what details I missed I was able to pick up while walking past a newsstand. After gathering all of this information in my adolescent sized brain I came to this conclusion: If you have sex with the president you will become famous and through that you will be able to turn a profit by creating a line ugly handbags, requiring little to no skill, talent or effort on your behalf because EVERYONE knows you now.

Flash forward to present day; is there a night that goes by where another celebrity sex scandal isn’t breaking on the 6 o’clock news? We see wonderful mothers and intelligent hard working women like Elizabeth Edwards and Sandra Bullock and even Elin Woods who, after years of loyalty, are being embarrassed by their spouses, while the women who truly deserve the shame, the mistresses, are being offered interviews, endorsement deals, and even reality shows. Has the world truly become flipped upside down?

The gossip surrounding these scandalous strumpets has led to society as a whole glorifying bad behavior everywhere we look. We no longer shun; we celebrate! We’ve gone from a scarlet “A” to a neon blinking “A.”

As a mother I really struggle with this reality. I cannot watch the nightly news while my children are in the room because rather than covering the war, the economy, or even local government, two thirds of what I am watching involves the paparazzi chasing down another great role model like Britney Spears. I can’t turn on the radio in my car because she’s telling my kids that “living in sin is the new thing” and I can’t even take them with me to the grocery store with me because her thonged-out derriere is on every checkout rack, no pun intended, along with all of these other scandal success stories starlets.

So how do we turn the tide? How do we stop this country from becoming a septic tank of sensationalized gossip?

Well, for starters we can quit throwing so much money at it. We can stop acting like 13-year-old girls, dedicating huge chunks of our free time to gossip sites, celebrity reality shows, and tabloid smut just so we can quench our compulsive thirst for gossip. And we as parents can stop showing our children that swill like this is worthy of our attention, because after all, if they see you condoning it in Hollywood, why wouldn’t you be okay with behavior like that in real life? Another idea is we can take back the spotlight as the hero in our children’s lives. We will never be able to control the actions of the athletes, singers, politicians or starlets that our children might idolize, but we have complete control over the role that WE model.

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